Educational Programs

Educational Programs
We currently have two educational programs, each unique in its own way.

The Green Suitcase

Confirmation about The Green Suitcase

You can find out more about this program here: The Green Suitcase 

Volim Prirodu (I Love Nature – Serbia)

You can find out more about this program here: Volim Prirodu 

Tesla Box

For preschool children we can safely say that “they are scientists by nature” because they have a natural curiosity and a tendency to learn, experiment and explore the world around them. Yet children in this process need the support of adults in the form of guidelines, structure and didactic resources in order to satisfy their curiosity and tendency toward learning about the world around them. Therefore, the Tesla Box program supports children to practice as “natural scientists”… Read more


From 1933 until his death in 1943, Nikola Tesla lived in rooms 3327 and 3328, on the 33rd floor of The New Yorker Hotel. We have visited this room and here are some photos of it:


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